The Nomad is the most versatile board in the Howitzer quiver. Designed to be ridden in waves from 1ft to 6ft whilst being an easy paddling board due to its volume and flatter rocker. The Nomad is for riding the open face, drawing fast, flowing lines with all the speed it unlocks.

The retro nose outline, borrowed from an old school twinfin pulls into a rounded pin tail which will give you plenty of hold in bigger waves, providing a lot of curve around the back foot. You can use the wider, straighter outline forward on the board to give you speed down the line and the rounded pintail to draw tighter arcs in the pocket.

Even though the rocker of the Nomad is flat, Howitzer has snuck in a little extra lift in the entry to add some curve up front; this helps taking off late, or turning in the steeper sections of the wave. The design of the rocker has been focused around speed, bad-ass speed! TheNomad is designed with a Thruster setup as the shape with the bottom contours provides ample speed for making sections.

The concave runs from a rolled V in the entry, to a slight single transitioning into a V double out the tail, which gives the board speed and control from rail to rail.

The foil has stacks of volume around the chest and center area of the board, yet it refines out to a thinner, more pinched rail to keep the board connected to the wave.

A one board quiver is a rarity, but the Howitzer Nomad is as close as dammit to being just that; it’s for paddling out when conditions are less than perfect as well as taking to the barrel and open face when the swell pumps

Suited to:
Intermediate to advanced.
When ordering this board, please provide your sex, age, weight, height, fitness levels and surfing experience (in years), so that we can make sure that the board is a fit for you.
Wave size:
The nomad will work in anything from 1 to 6′.
Glassing: Currently Howitzer boards are only available in PU and Polyester resin.
Light Glassing- super light, but compromises durability.
Standard glassing – good quality, optimal weight to strength for specific board’s intended use.
Fin layout:
Board colours and designs:
I design unique artwork for every board that leaves my shaping bay, and if you specify colours (1, 2 or three max) to be used in your design, I will use this to design artwork for your board.  Alternatively, if you don’t specify anything, you get whatever I feel like doing in line with the Howitzer brand language.  If you want a blank board, with only decals, please specify BLANK.
*Please note:  All Howitzer boards are handshaped and not a single board is a stock item. Because of this boards take a little longer, but you get a truly unique board.
**Manufacturing time on boards are between 4 and 7 weeks from when you place your order, and will shipped as soon as it is ready, so please be patient.



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