Flying Fish

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The Flying Fish model puts the fun back into those grovel sessions. It’s a fast moderately loose board that gets you out there having fun on those days that you wouldn’t normally bother to paddle out.

It suits all levels of surfers, and loves small and weak conditions. It features a full outline, large swallow tail, a flat rocker with generous amounts of volume to ensure easy paddling and instant speed on take-off. This design allows you to fly down the line over dead sections with ease.

Ride this board short.

Wave Size:

Depending on fins and conditions, the Flying Fish model is designed to perform best in most conditions from 1 – 4 feet.

The Flying Fish model comes stock with 5 fin options to maximise performance options in a variety of conditions. It works equally well as a quad or a 2+1 fin setup (large side fins for drive in small gutless waves and small trailer fin for release).