Beatit Final

The Howitzer Beatit is pure fun on days when you need a break.  Very wide and short, this board is like a skipping stone and should be seen as such.  Mush or clean days, when you don’t want to take yourself or your sesh too serious, this is a blast.
Sure to make you forget about work for a while, landing floaters and riding anything.
Suited to:
Pretty much anyone that have been surfing for a while, and wants to have fun playing in the waves, without taking life too seriously.
*Not a beginner board unfortunately, as the length (or lack thereof specifically) may be difficult to get used to for a beginner.
When ordering this board, please provide your sex, age, weight, height, fitness levels and surfing experience (in years), so that we can make sure that the board is a fit for you.
Wave size:
The Beatit is ideally ridden in waves from 1.5 – 4 foot or where your guts and or skill run out.
This board is available with different tails:
Straight cut Tail
Rounded Squash
Fish/swallow tail
Glassing: Currently Howitzer boards are only available in PU and Polyester resin.
Standard glassing – good quality, optimal weight to strength for specific board’s intended use.
Heavy duty glassing – Heavier weight glassing, good for novices, or boards that see’s a lot of travel to surf.
Fin layout:
Board colours and designs:
I design unique artwork for every board that leaves my shaping bay, and if you specify colours (1, 2 or three max) to be used in your design, I will use this to design artwork for your board.  Alternatively, if you don’t specify anything, you get whatever I feel like doing in line with the Howitzer brand language.  If you want a blank board, with only decals, please specify BLANK.
*Please note:  All Howitzer boards are handshaped and not a single board is a stock item. Because of this boards take a little longer, but you get a truly unique board.
**Manufacturing time on boards are between 4 and 7 weeks from when you place your order, and will be shipped as soon as it is ready, so please be patient.

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