The Hanzo is a medium to high volume mini Malibu.  Low rocker and parallel rails, coupled with ample volume makes this a fast board that catches waves super early, with less paddling.  Kinked rails near the tail and a rounded squash, helps the board to maneuver like a smaller board.
A Fiver fin plug setup is standard on the board, and allows you to choose a fin setup that works best for your style and preference. Fun fun fun!
Two character variations available:
Cruiser – slight V belly under the nose to break through chop for a smoother ride and paddle.
Nose rider – massive nose rider concave, to aid you running around on the deck when up to speed, with more weight on the nose.
Suited to:
Beginners to advanced surfers.
When ordering this board, please provide your sex, age, weight, height, fitness levels and surfing experience (in years), so that we can make sure that the board is a fit for you.
Wave size:
The Hanzo works in a variety of conditions, from mushy nothingness, to long running overhead waves.
Glassing: Currently Howitzer boards are only available in PU and Polyester resin.
Standard glassing – good quality, optimal weight to strength for specific board’s intended use.
Heavy duty glassing – Heavier weight glassing, good for novices, or boards that see’s a lot of travel to surf.
Super heavy duty glassing – Good for heavy footed surfers, bigger surfers and massive boards.
Fin layout:
The Hanzo comes standard with a fiver setup.
Board colours and designs:
I design unique artwork for every board that leaves my shaping bay, and if you specify colours (1, 2 or three max) to be used in your design, I will use this to design artwork for your board.  Alternatively, if you don’t specify anything, you get whatever I feel like doing in line with the Howitzer brand language.  If you want a blank board, with only decals, please specify BLANK.
*Please note:  All Howitzer boards are handshaped and not a single board is a stock item. Because of this boards take a little longer, but you get a truly unique board.
**Manufacturing time on boards are between 4 and 7 weeks from when you place your order, and will be available for collection as soon as it is ready, so please be patient.

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One thought on “Hanzõ

  1. Would be intresred on price am 47 surfed prevoiusly am un fit now and packing a good few exyra kg 95 height 1,80m looking 4 a easy paddel good top to bottom turn so looking 4 some good meat in thz board would want rusta colours or camo desighn thank you

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