Howitzer .45 Prototype board programme

all boards square copy

Howitzer is always designing, shaping and testing prototype surfboards.

I am selling these prototypes – working, good condition boards only – but tested and used. No duds or wasted boards, no gashes or work needed. May have aesthetic dings, depending on the glassing layups, all serious dings will be fixed prior to you getting the board. Lighter boards will have dings, heavier glassed boards may look as new. Plugs may have been moved and repaired to sort out plug placement – this is normal in prototype stage.
Condition will be between excellent and good working condition. If a board is destroyed in testing or bombs out and does not work, your deposit will be refunded.

These will be finished to production spec, but may not be the final version that will go into my model lineup.

How this works:
I am pre-selling prototypes whilst they are being made, and so waiting time for a board is roughly 10 weeks.
If you are keen to be part of this, I will send you designs for current prototypes and the sizes we will be prototyping in, and you can choose one that you would like post testing. Testing period is one month after manufacture and then the board is yours.
50% Deposit secures the board.

What you get:
Exclusivity – Nr 1 (pre-production) of the model if it goes onto my model list, if not – you’ll have the only one of that shape.
Something new, something different. May have the word “PROTOTYPE” displayed on the board along with typical Howitzer decals and graphics.

What boards are in prototyping:
(These change for every prototype cycle – so the type of board you may want won’t necessarily be in this cycle, I don’t do special request prototypes, so if you want something custom – order a custom board).
Currently in design to be prototyped, is SMALL WAVE RIPPERS – so medium volume, 2 – 4 foot boards for better surf days. Shorter, wider and faster boards for intermediate to advanced surfers.

Prices vary from between R2400 – R2800 shape and feature dependent.

When interested in the prototypes, please send me (if you don’t send this, I don’t reply):
surfing level
fitness level
Where about are you basedall boards square copy


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